Jul 26, 2009

What will you do if....

What will you do if...(and y??)

1. You're urgently need to go to the restroom and suddenly there's a really, really hot boy/girl ask for a direction?

2. You wake up late and you are late for a meeting and it's very urgent, and to make matter worst, you forget that your car is still in workshop?

3. You're extremely hungry and your stomach is singing loudly, and during that time you are in a lift, with a girl/boy that you hv crushed on standing besides you?

4. You are moneyless and seriously not a coin left in your pocket, and suddenly the boy/girl you really like ask you out?

5. You hate, I repeate, really hate, a poyo+gedik+arrogant girl/boy, but one day a girl/boy that is well known to her/his poyo+gedik+arrogantness ask your phone number and later she/he ask you out?

will be continued later kay.....
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