Dec 29, 2009

Hello 2010, bye-bye 2009!!

I have another less than a week to finish up my so called project paper (chp 1 till 3 only)~ duh!! I know it's procratinating! Believe me I'm trying my best to work on it! Sorry mam!........(puppy eyes)


Since we have only 1 day and not so many hours left before New Year comes in, I'm very glad that I can made it this far. I mean, my health, my result, my relationship, my family and friends, and all wishes that I have made back than, early 2009, has finally fulfilled. Thank you for all your supports, help, warmth and care, without them I cudn't possibly get what I want. ^-^


Im welcoming you year 2010! Let's find the challenges that I need to face, and we'll see whether Im strong enough to fight u back!

To all friends and members that have known me for years, or just now, Im wishing u all a very Happy New Year, a very promising life and health, and may God bless us all....=)

Love ya,
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