Aug 20, 2009

Violets are Blue

Violets are Blue
by James Patterson

D. C. Detective Alex Cross has seen a lot of crime scenes. But even he is appalled by the gruesome murders of two joggers in San Francisco's Golden Gate Park, killings that look more like the work of savage beasts than humans. Local police are horrified and even the FBI is baffled. Then, as Cross is called in to take on the case, the carnage takes off, leaving a trail of bodies across America and sweeping him to Savannah, Las Vegas, New Orlans, Los Angeles, as his nemesis, the merciless criminal known as the Mastermind, stalks him, taunts him, and once again, threatens everything he hold dear....
Want to know more, grab it and start reading yaw!
Happy reading :)
Rating: 3 1/2 stars (out of 5 stars)

Aug 15, 2009

You've Been Warned -- Don't Look...

You've Been Warned
Don't Look...
by James Patterson & Howard Roughan

This morning I went to campus to watch my housemate's preliminary rounds for Independent Day's debate cup. Then I dropped by at the level 1 library and borrowed 3 novels, hehehe...yay! Actually I wanted to borrow more, but my bag was already, I took 3 only...heh~
Okay, this is one of the novels and I've finished reading it this evening, around 6.40 p.m. I like James Patterson's writing. Why? It's thrilling, making me do guesses, some juicy and exciting stuffs, and many other factors. You want to know more? Read it yourself :P
Here is the summary of the so called "You've Been Warned" ;
Struggling to make ends meet, photographer Kristin Burns work full time as the nanny for the wealthy Turnbull family. When her pictures are considered by an elite Manhattan art gallery, it seems she might finally get her career started. But, Kristin has a major distraction -- forbidden love...awww...The man of her dreams is almost hers for keeps. Breathless with an inexhaustible passion and the excitement of being within reach of her goals, Kristin ignores all signs of catastrophe brewing. Fear exists for a reason. And Kristin can dismiss the warnings for just so long. Searching desperately for the truth through the lens of her camera, she can only hope that it is not too late....
Happy reading!
Rating : 3 1/2 stars (out of 5 stars)

Aug 11, 2009

Sometimes Love Can be Murder...

by Alison Gaylin

"Sometimes love can be murder"
This is my book that ive been reading now. Ive bought it, ermm...last semester eh? Why it must be thriller, murder, killer?? Why? I guess it can help satisfying my hunger for crimes...hahaha...well, it's reading a book! You can just imagine what you want without any restriction. :P
Okey, this is how the story goes: Samantha Leiffer has witnessed a murder and was nearly killed for doing so, and her life is never quite the same again. Her ex-boyfriend is being weird, and her current boyfriend, not forget to mention the sexy, strong Det. John Krull (awww!), seems to be receding further and further into himself, and the more Samantha tries to get back to reality, the more it seems there is still something strange lingering in the chilly New York air.
But when someone unknown hands her a note on the street warning her of danger ahead, the freakiness has gone too far. The big question is, is Samantha losing it completely, or is her life spiralling into danger again?
Well, I'm not going to tell you the ending...:P
You have to grab and read it for yourself!
Happy reading yaw!
Rating : 3 stars (out of 5 stars)

Aug 10, 2009

sleepy night...but still....

Im sleepy...but yay! i managed to upload these pictures...well, these are some of my things in my little world that i see and treasure everyday...
i have my brown teddy, my playground, a pen, notes, benq joybook, books, bottle, mobilephone, usb port, miniature,....

my new handphone accessorie...i made it myself...huhu

my new broadband...u better serve me properly kay!

my playground...tanx wawa, ina, and zira...=)

my shelves...
short term desire....novels...a lot of novels filling in my shelves...huhuhu

Aug 9, 2009

bad weather

yesterday evening i went back to my hometown,
driving non-stop for about 2 1/2 hours and it was tiring
but i like the feeling of going back to my real place...
along the way, especially from melaka to muar, there was fog,
well, not actually fog but white haze everywhere...
even though i had my aircond on and the windows locked,
i cud feel that ive started getting sore throat...
things getting worst each time, i hope this condition will end soon...

Aug 8, 2009

Happy birthday!

Happy birthday to me! =D
Tanx for all the wishes... I really appreciate all of them...thanx guys!
Hope that my life will have a happy ending...:)
Love u all!

Aug 5, 2009

good bye!

ive been so stupidly loyal to you for a year,
ive given you the money you wanted,
i took care of you,
ive never set my eyes onto others, other than you.
but this is the way you repay all things that i did for you??
im pissed!
i'll get a new one, and good bye to you!

nisfu syaaban

buku baru dah dapat...mudah2an aku jadi lebih baik
dan bisnes makin maju...

at last!!

ive finished reading THE MANHATTAN HUNT CLUB... was a new experience for me...i dont hv any idea people could even live in subways...i mean not just subways...deeper...and there is hunting party down there...huh...
you should read it urself...^-^
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