Jan 31, 2010

R.I.P to our beloved Mr. Ishak

His journey in this world has finished.
We should continue ours.

May God blesses his soul.
All the memories will never be forgotten.

Al-fatihah to or late Mr. Ishak b. Ismail.
May he be among those who receive his favours....Amin....

Jan 29, 2010

Bowling party~Ida's the winner, and I'm the Coconut milk shake's receiver!

Yesterday after attending the "Jamuan Makan Sempena Persaraan" of one of the ACS teachers, Ida, 6 teachers of ACS and I went for bowling at the MITC bowling center Melaka.

Since Ida and I are just beginners, we bet on "those who manage to do the drain bowling the most is the winner. And the winner must treat the loser a coconut milk shake of Kelebang!"

A winner style -- Ida won the bet with 13 points :D

Okay I'm not saying I'm the loser....It's just I didn't manage to surpass
Ida on her drain bowling points!
My points -- 8 drain bowling points.

Hahahaha!!! Okay Ida. Coconut milk shake satu!


Trainee teacher's desk

Okay folks, this is my official desk at the teacher's room of
SMK MACS boys Melaka.
Ida's place is just beside be, on the right. Okay we share the same table. lol!

Oooo don't be cheated by it's look!
This desk is nicer than yours!

(and this pic reminds me that I need to mark that books!!! oh no!)


Jan 27, 2010

After school activities~

After we managed to go through the hassles and hardships at school,
Ida and I decided to have our lunch at the Breeks, Mahkota Parade Melaka.


Okay I forgot the names for these two...but guess for those who havent gone to this place,
you gotta go and can try it yourselves ;D

Later, I did some shopping ~

perfume from Nina Ricci- a must have item

mini make-up set and small-sized fingers food from ETUDE HOUSE

okay I'm done!


Late Update~

Sorry Yatie it took me so long to upload this one pic~
okay, Yatie and I went searching for my shoes..man! This was the time
before my prac~

Okay...again where were we during that time??Ouh in front of DP's gate...huhuh... ;D
Tanx dear finally found the heels. :)


Jan 25, 2010


Why am I not feeling happy???
Where's my weekends????
Please give them back to me!!!
I want my old life back!!
I don't want to go to school..................."sigh"

Okay the positive me would say.....

"Feeza, it's okay. Work hard and bear with the things.
This is such a good time and would be such a great experience for yourselves."


For the first time myself said......
wtf??! (pardon me)
I don't care!
I just want my sleep hours back and my weekends!


Jan 14, 2010

What happened in the car????

Answer this....please use your creativity and imagination kay ;D

A man and a woman are driving along a country road on a cold winter night when the car breaks down. Before leaving to find help, the man tells the woman not to open the doors or windows and not to let anybody in. He leaves, and she does as he says. When he returns, she is dead and there is a stranger in the car. What happened?


Jan 12, 2010


Why those youngsters were acting like that?
Didn't they realize that people will look down on them?
Didn't they know that they are this country's future?
What their parents would think of their behaviour?
What is the thing that they want in their lives?
Didn't they want to become somebody?
Didn't they?
Why with the stubbornness......???!

Jan 11, 2010

Where's my photos?

I've been trying to upload some photos but apparently they didn't want to show themselves up here...what shuld I do??

Jan 10, 2010

New Life aka Practicum

It's been a week since I started my practicum. Well, well, the lucky school is SMK Methodist (ACS) Boys Melaka :). All the teachers are very friendly and helpful. The boys are also great. And Uncle Joe, a very charming and kind school guard, thanks for the tour though :).
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