Aug 8, 2010


Updates and updates!

Premium Roast Coffee from McD. Just finished it. yummy! ;)

These are my files. 7 files. 7 semesters. All gone. Where? Dumpster. Y? I don't have enough space in my car to carry them. I need to move. Yeah.

Moon cake, I like! So delicious. It's chocolate something something. Duh I forgot it's name. But it's taste really good. Halal. Where? The Baker's Cottage, Carefour, DP, Melaka.

Yeah!! Coconut drink. Yummy... Where? Jaya Jusco, Melaka.

What the heck is this picture?? Yes this picture shows that I knew what Podcast meant. Yay!

Who is this? lalalala~ (^^)

ahh...yes. nearly forgot. yesterday was my birthday. thank you to all my friends for the lovely wishes. tanx mom and dad. tanx sistah! tanx b ;)

Love u all so much!


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