Aug 10, 2010

Dalam Bilik Ada Taman

Hello friends. I'm so happy because now I have a fragrance pot (I don't know what it's called :p ).

Can you see the picture there? Yes that it is! And now my room smell so nice and sweet ;). Credit to Yatie because she introduced me with this thing. Before this, I didn't know the function of the fragrance oil or the pot or even the small candle for. I thought they were just for decorations. And yes they are. For decorations, also for making your room/house smell really good!

I love having a small space for my tiny little things. It's been like a miniature playground that makes my room so comfortable to stay in, I think ;)

And yes. I LOVE sweet smell ;)

p/s: You need to have the pot, lighter, small candle, and the fragrance oil (you can buy it at any decorations store nearby you). Then, you put the candle in it's place, pour a little bit of the oil fragrance, and then lite the candle. Just wait for few seconds and wallah! You can smell the fragrance, and now you have a very cozy and nice smelled-room to live in :)
Try NOW and you'll love it!
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