Aug 11, 2009

Sometimes Love Can be Murder...

by Alison Gaylin

"Sometimes love can be murder"
This is my book that ive been reading now. Ive bought it, ermm...last semester eh? Why it must be thriller, murder, killer?? Why? I guess it can help satisfying my hunger for crimes...hahaha...well, it's reading a book! You can just imagine what you want without any restriction. :P
Okey, this is how the story goes: Samantha Leiffer has witnessed a murder and was nearly killed for doing so, and her life is never quite the same again. Her ex-boyfriend is being weird, and her current boyfriend, not forget to mention the sexy, strong Det. John Krull (awww!), seems to be receding further and further into himself, and the more Samantha tries to get back to reality, the more it seems there is still something strange lingering in the chilly New York air.
But when someone unknown hands her a note on the street warning her of danger ahead, the freakiness has gone too far. The big question is, is Samantha losing it completely, or is her life spiralling into danger again?
Well, I'm not going to tell you the ending...:P
You have to grab and read it for yourself!
Happy reading yaw!
Rating : 3 stars (out of 5 stars)
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