Jan 29, 2010

Bowling party~Ida's the winner, and I'm the Coconut milk shake's receiver!

Yesterday after attending the "Jamuan Makan Sempena Persaraan" of one of the ACS teachers, Ida, 6 teachers of ACS and I went for bowling at the MITC bowling center Melaka.

Since Ida and I are just beginners, we bet on "those who manage to do the drain bowling the most is the winner. And the winner must treat the loser a coconut milk shake of Kelebang!"

A winner style -- Ida won the bet with 13 points :D

Okay I'm not saying I'm the loser....It's just I didn't manage to surpass
Ida on her drain bowling points!
My points -- 8 drain bowling points.

Hahahaha!!! Okay Ida. Coconut milk shake satu!


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